Natural History
Bar & Grill

Melbourne’s newest bar & steakhouse restaurant at 401 Collins St, Melbourne


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free flow saturday

Four incredible courses hand-selected by our chef and bottomless wine throughout.

A perfect Saturday night, no?


The Food

Sumptuous steaks, rotisserie chickens and a string of accoutrements, all star at Natural History. A Classic steakhouse menu with a Southern twist that’s sure to have you coming back for more.

For a cheeky express lunch, try our cajun fish sandwich, named one of Australia’s best fish burgers by renowned food editor Dan Stock.

Check out our menu here.


The Venue

Natural History changes gears throughout the day, from the bustling sandwich bar and cafe in the morning from 7am, through to business power lunching and rowdy after work schooner sessions, and into long evening feasts with the world’s best natural wines on pour.

The space is designed with many varied seating options, perfect for dining, drinking, people watching, hiding in booths or watching the kitchen at work form the chef’s table.


The Design

International Worldwide, led by Michael Delaney and Jaime Wirth, have designed this 350 seater drinking & dining space with an eye to the classic big city steakhouses, such as Keane’s, The Grill Room at The Four Seasons and The Grand Central Oyster Bar in NYC.

The large space is made intimate by separating the dining area in front of the famous diorama from the booth and bar areas, where all manner of early and late night shenanigans are planned to occur.


The Diorama

Artist Vanja Zaric has created a magical artwork that spans fifteen metres of the Natural History dining room.

Blending elements of mural, diorama & taxidermy to create a natural world of foxes, mountain goats & peacocks, Vanja’s work provides a truly unique backdrop for your dining experience.



401 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

We’re located near the corner of Queen Street. The closest train station is Flinders Street. If you’re coming by tram, jump on the 11, 12, 48 or 109 tram.

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