Melbourne’s Best Steaks

at Natural history 

Steaks are king at Natural History. We work with suppliers like O’Connor Beef and Freshline Tasmania to source the best beef from Victoria and Tasmania. We love our steaks so much that we’ve dedicated an entire page to them.

On The Menu

AXM Dry Aged Rib Eye

Sourced from Freshline Tasmania, from their AXM (Aged by Masters) range, our rib eye is grass fed, dry aged for a minimum of 42 days, seasoned only with sea salt and cooked on the bone. Our head chef James Wilkinson recommends this served medium rare, with some hot English mustard, grilled lemon and some extra virgin olive oil. Split this between two and pair this with our green salad and roast pumpkin and you will be in heaven.

AXM 500g Club Steak

Grass fed and dry aged, just like all AXM steaks, our Club steak is a porterhouse with part of the bone attached. This is for those that like their steaks meaty. Chose the Cafe de Paris and grab a Waldorf salad on the side; the nuttiness will translate beautifully into the beef.

O’Connor Hanger Steak

The hanger, also known as an onglet steak or a butchers cut is a perfect lunchtie steak. This Black Angus comes direct from Gippsland in Victoria, and is grass fed and has a marble score 2-4. Best served with chips.

Wilderness Beef Eye Fillet

Grass fed Black Angus from Tasmania, this lean cut is tasty and clean. Try it with the Bearnase sauce and salad and chips.

Guest Steaks

On top of our menu steaks, we also regularly feature a range of guest steaks. This list changes regularly, so ask your waiter for the full list. Here’s a list of our current guest steaks.

AXM 500G 42 day dry-aged Club Steak

Rangers Valley 300G Wagyu Rump (Marble Score 9)
with garlic butter and home fries.

Blackmore 400g full blood Wagyu Scotch Fillet (Marble Score 9+)
with Roasted pink fir potatoes, 401 salad, fermented mushroom sauce