Bar Food & Spring Fizz at Natural History

Summer is coming and here at Natural History we’re all about the bubbles; there is nothing more satisfying on a hot afternoon than something fizzy and cool– a Spritz, Petillant Natural or Classic Champagne – and a salty snack to come with it. Here’s 3 great new seasonal bar food items, accompanied by an effervescent delicacy to refresh the palate.

Montenegro and Mezcal Spritz, an unusual marriage of sweet and smoky, topped with Solo, Alpha Box and Dice Prosecco and a dash of Grapefruit Bitters matched with a selection of house made delights on our Mezze Platter; hummus, pickles, olives and grilled Baker Bleu sourdough. 

Brendon Keys set out to make a smashable Blanc de Blanc ‘for princes and paupers’ intended especially to be drunk on a balmy afternoon – the result is a creamy, tart fizz crowned with a heady sea foam tasting of apple tart, lemonbalm and hay with a chalky dry finish matched with Saganaki Carrot Fritters and Caramalised Yogurt.

Applewood Distilleries have recently celebrated their relaunched Okar here at Natural History’s aperitivo bar. Whilst we think this bittersweet aperitif is perfect on it’s own, it’s fantastic with a wedge of orange and a dash of soda. Served with our Smoked Duck Hot Dog topped with fried onion, chilli mayo and house made quince chutney.

 Make a booking today to try one, or all three.